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Yangyang Long is Assistant Professor in Translation and Interpreting. She was awarded PhD by Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom. Her works have been published on journals such as The Translator, Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies, Atlantic Studies: Global Currents and Coup De Thé?tre. She is currently working with Routledge on a monograph entitled "The Works of Lin Yutang: Translation and Recognition", which will be published with the series "Routledge Studies in Chinese Translation".

Her research centres around translation, literary studies and cultural studies. As such it is underpinned by the principles of conceptualisation and practices of what is broadly defined as translation, where she explores the locations, zones and sites across, between and within which translation emerges. In this sense, translation is understood to have played a crucial role in the representation, interpretation and transformation of cultures, languages, values, histories, geographies and indeed narratives. By consequence, she has been engaging with the discovery of the extent to which connectedness with the concepts, theories and practices of translation can foster novel ways of thinking about research across disciplinary boundaries in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
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