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Aven Le ZHOU(周乐)is a professor and artist programmer who works with Creative Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Media. His practice and research interests spread in various emerging media formats, and more recently, he has focused on utilizing artificial intelligence and generative deep learning to effectuate human-AI collaborative creativity.

His first solo exhibition, "The Love of Shanshui", was held in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art. His recent solo exhibitions include "Chinese New Literati, 2019, touring exhibition at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre; Shanghai DaNing Library; and The Izmir International Fair, Turkey". Some selected group exhibitions include "Machine Learning for Creativity. AI Art Gallery, Vancouver (2019), Montreal (2018), Canada", "Computer Vision for Fashion, Art & Design, 2019. Computer Vision Art Gallery, Seoul, Korean", "Dialog: a bit more AI, 2018. Fouhaus+, Shanghai", "ShanshuiDaDA, 2018. Yeah!Nah Gallery, Shanghai". As an artist scholar, his artworks aim at resolving research questions: Can AI be creative? Can we humans create with AI? With a practice-based research approach and recent interests in cultural innovation, Aven has published under said topics at different venues, such as ICCV, ICDAR, and NeurIPS, etc.

Aven has led Artificial Intelligence Arts and Interactive Media Arts research and teaching in various institutions. Before joining XJTLU, he was an instructor (2019-2020) and resident research fellow (2014-2019) in the interactive media art program at NYU Shanghai.
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