Yili Wang


Yili has been an instructor of English language in higher education sector for more than 15 years and he's currently a Language Lecturer delivering EAP modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with teaching quality being constantly highly-rated among the students according to the results in the university-wide Module Questionnaires over the last 8 years. In the meantime, he is the Lead Internal Moderator overseeing the assessments and marking for Y1 EAP Core Pathway.

Prior to joining the ELC at XJTLU in 2014, he mainly taught and convened on modules for English majors such as Integrated Skills, Linguistics and Pronunciation. He also supervised undergraduate degree theses of English language & literature/linguistics and delivered lectures and workshops on English language skills for students in a wide range of disciplines.

His research interests span from English as lingua franca, pedagogical grammar, language variation, syntax and phonetics to applications of TBLT. In addition, he has been working on scholarly activities including but not limited to academic translation, textbook language proofreading and journal copy-editing.
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    FB123(SIP Campus-Foundation Building)
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