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Dr Peiling Xing's main interests lie in the areas of teaching methodology, learning environment, learning motivation, language/vocabulary learning strategies, academic writing skills, research methodology, and research design. Since she started her academic position in English for Academic Purposes at XJTLU in 2008, Dr Xing has taught EAP modules extensively for both Year 1 and year 2 undergraduates in the streams of Language and Communication, Business, Finance, Science, Industrial Technology, Built Environment, Analytical Academic Writing (for Advanced EAP classes) and some cross-departmental joint-delivery modules of Literature and Film, How Language Works, China and the World, and Architectural Representation and Communication. She has also taught PG EAP modules of Reading for Writing, Academic Presentation and Seminar Skills, Writing for Academic Purposes, and Advanced Academic Presentation and Seminar Skills for postgraduates. Further to the regular teaching, Dr Xing was actively engaged in delivering short intensive courses of Pre-sessional English for the postgraduates to be. Prior to XJTLU, she taught English as a foreign language in a number of universities in China and taught Mandarin to British military senior officers in the UK. Dr Xing also worked as Deputy/Assistant Dean of the Department of Foreign Languages at Zhejiang Wanli University (1998-2002). During which, she had carried out a series of international cooperation programmes with the British Council and a number of British universities.
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