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Dr. Timur Saifutdinov obtained his BEng with honours in Automation and Control from Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia) in 2011, where part of the program was held in Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic). His MEng with honours in Control in Technical Systems was obtained from Saint-Petersburg State Technical university in 2013. He obtained his PhD degree in Power Systems from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia) in 2020, where he completed his dissertation with a distinction on Optimal Siting, Sizing, and Technology Selection of Energy Storage Systems for Power System Applications. His work experience include three years of engineering in industry in Russia and two years as a Postdoc Researcher in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University (UK).

Timur's research interests include Power Systems, Power System Economics, Smart Grids, Electricity Distribution Systems, Multi Energy Systems. In his research he applies multi-disciplinary approaches to applied problems in Power Systems, where he combines Economics (i.e., Energy Economics and Game Theory) with Engineering disciplines (i.e., Mathematical Modelling, Optimization Theory, Control Theory, and System Analysis). His research is focused on the problems of Planning, Scheduling, Control and Interactions of technical and cyber-physical-human systems, such as electricity distribution systems, energy and power markets, tenders for ancillary services and many more.

Timur published numerous publications in the top scientific journals, including Applied Energy, IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid / Sustainable Energy, IET Generation, Transmission, and Distribution / Smart Grid, Electric Power Systems Research. He has a patent on Application Software for Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Systems in Power Networks.

Timur provides peer reviews for the leading scientific journal in Power Systems, including IEEE Trans. on Power Systems / Smart Grid / Sustainable Energy, IET Generation, Transmission, and Distribution / Smart Grid / Renewable Power Generation, and many more. In 2022, he received The Outstanding Reviewer Award from IEEE Trans. on Power Systems.
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