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Dr. Juann Hung is a Senior Associate Professor in Economics, at IBSS. Dr. Hung was a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then the lead international economist at the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. In those two posts combined, Dr. Hung provided policy analysis and recommendations to policy makers for over 20 years.

Dr. Hung has conducted research on a wide range of policy-related issues, including foreign exchange intervention, causes and consequences of currency crises, macroeconomic effects of globalization, and China’s growth model and its implications. Many of her publications have been published in leading academic journals as well as policy issue briefs. Her work has been well cited by the academia, the business community, and policymakers. She co-edited (with Yang Chen) the book, “The State of China’s State Capitalism: Evidence of Its Successes and Pitfalls,” published in 2018 by Palgrave.

Dr. Hung received her BA in Economics from National Taiwan University, MBA in Finance from University of Oregon, and PhD in International Economics from New York University.
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