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The BSc Economics and Finance programme will provide you with a real competitive edge as you gain knowledge of both economic and financial theories and an understanding of the relationship between the mechanisms driving economic systems and the workings of capital markets.

You will develop the intellectual, analytical, and modelling skills needed to solve problems in economics, finance and a wide range of related areas. You will also learn to use the analytical tools required to appreciate and critically analyse economic and financial policy issues and real-world problems.

The interdisciplinary path will prepare you for specialist courses such as financial economics and financial econometrics. This programme will also provide a basic knowledge of accounting, which is invaluable for understanding how enterprises work.

Why should I study Economics and Finance at XJTLU?

By studying on this course, you can expect to:

  • understand financial transactions in a broader economic context, as financial markets emerge as the next step in the development of the Chinese economy;
  • take advantage of XJTLU's partnerships with important players in international financial markets as well as a Thomson Reuters Financial Lab that you can access on site for research and practice;
  • be well-prepared to sit the CFA Institute Investment Foundations Program exam at a discounted registration fee when you successfully complete the only module in China accepted into the CFA Institute Investment Foundations Programme.
  • get on the fast-track to a career in the financial sector or in the professional services industry; and
  • earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.
Qualification XJTLU BEcon Economics University of Liverpool BSc Economics and Finance
BSc (Hons) Economics
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Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the BSc Economics and Finance programme, you will have:

  • a solid background in economic and financial theory;
  • a good understanding of these two fields and the ability to build on this interdisciplinary perspective to overcome contemporary market challenges;
  • the intellectual, analytical and modelling skills needed in the fields of economics and finance;
  • the ability to apply the knowledge and skills required to solve specific theoretical and applied problems in economics and finance; and
  • preparation for the job market, with a sound understanding of economics in general and a specialised knowledge of financial markets.
“The BSc Economics and Finance programme provides you with a solid and invaluable foundation in both of these important subjects. The core modules will give you an in-depth understanding of the economy, as well as modern financial theory in connection with the operation of capital markets.”
Dr Zhuojiong Gan
Programme director


  • Year One

    UK degrees are three years long whereas in China they are four, therefore we do accept students with certain qualifications directly into Year Two, which is the start of the main academic programme. Most students, however, enter into Year One, which provides you with a range of interesting modules, language classes and core skills for your degree.

  • Year Two

  • Year Three

  • Year Four

This programme is based in real life - for example the professors always help us to understand and apply economic and financial theories to industry trends and issues. Even the assessments use real financial data!
Jesslyn Febriani
Student, BSc Economics and Finance


Graduates from this programme will be well-prepared for a variety of positions across the financial sector and professional services industry (including the “Big Four” accounting and consulting firms: KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, and Ernst & Young). Graduates will also be prepared for postgraduate studies in finance, economics and related subjects.

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