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On our 2+2 route you will study the first two years of your programme at XJTLU in Suzhou and the final two years at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

Students enrolling at XJTLU will receive a discount of 10 percent off University of Liverpool tuition fees should they choose the 2+2 route.

Students on all undergraduate programmes, whether they complete their degree at XJTLU, via 2+2 or exchange, will receive two degrees – one from XJTLU and one from the University of Liverpool.

English and Finance, China Studies, Film and TV Production, Digital Media Arts, Filmmaking, Digital Media Technology and Public Health programmes are not available on the 2+2 route.

For further information about the 2+2 study route, please contact two-plus-two@xjtlu.edu.cn.

During my years at XJTLU and the University of Liverpool I experienced great support and a strong research environment.
Ruoyun Ji
Alumna, BSc Economics, China

Click to download our 2+2 Parents Guide for more information.

Download the Parents Guide
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