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    An essential part of the entrepreneur degrees is the Professional Development Programme. Each summer, students spend 200 hours engaged in development activities organised with industry. These include:

    Stage 1: Year 1 to Year 2 Summer
    – Guest lecturers’ input from industry
    – Visiting industries
    – Practical workshops
    – Business English

    Stage 2: Year 2 to Year 3 Summer
    – Project work to solve real-word problems
    – Advanced learning practice and workshops
    – Final project presentation, to be reviewed by academic and industry mentors

    Stage 3: Year 3 to Year 4 Summer
    – Internship in companies to solve real-world problems
    – Final project practice, to be reviewed by academic and industry mentors

    For cooperation opportunities, please contact Ms. Linzhen Chai: Linzhen.Chai@xjtlu.edu.cn

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