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    The School of Mathematics and Physics is a research-led academic unit of over 90 faculty members, spanning across five departments. We aim to develop cutting-edge solutions to challenging problems through world-class research and innovation.

    We have a high level of engagement in interdisciplinary research and with industry. The interdisciplinary research activities in the School span the breadth of pure and applied mathematics, probability and statistics, theoretical physics, and their applications in engineering, business, and health sectors.

    Awarded Project/Grant (as of August 2022)

    The school is especially proud of its achievements in winning grants from research councils, local government and industry.

    • National grant
    Funding Name Project Title Principal investigator
    NSFC Disruption of open clusters in the Galactic disk Xiaoying Pang
    NSFC Combinatorial complexes and geometric structures on surfaces Robert Tang
    NSFC Coxeter polytopes and 4-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds Fangting Zheng
    NSFC Theory and algorithms of algebraic differential and difference Yi Zhang
    NSFC photothermally responsive liquid crystal gel and its soft robot design Chen Xuan
    NSFC The Development of Complex Orbifold Cobordism Alastair Darby
    NSFC Asymptotic & Stochastic Analysis of Certain Risk Models Long Bai
    NSFC Topology of hyperplane arrangements, Coxeter groups and Artin groups Ye Liu
    NSFC Stability of Multi-dimensional Traveling Wave Solutions in Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Pattern Forming Mechanism of Other Wave-like Phenomena Xinyao Yang
    NSFC Subconvexity bound of higher-order automorphic L-functions Feng Su
    NSFC Complex Algebraic Surfaces of General Type with Geometric Genus Zero Jinsong Xu (team member)
    • Provincial grant
    Funding Name Project Title Principal investigator
    JSNSFC Algebraic and Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations Based on Computer Algebra Yi Zhang
    JSNSFC High-dimensional hyperbolic Coxeter polytopes and invariants of commensurability Fangting Zheng
    JSNSFC Optimal dividend and capital injection problem with regime switching Ran Xu
    JSNSFC Risk Contagion under Catastrophe: Quantitative analysis and its applications in Risk Management Jiajun Liu
    JSNSFC Elastic self-organization of liquid crystal elastomers: from stretchable electronics to soft robots Chen Xuan
    JSNSFC The effects of childhood trauma on symptoms and efficacy of schizophrenia Rong Li
    JSNSFC The Distribution of the Discounted Claims under Renewal Sums Zhehao Zhang
    JSNSFC Research on identification modeling method of complex industrial process under big data Feiyan Chen
    Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme liquid crystal elastomers with nonhomogeneous microstructures: photo-electric multiscale response and design of smart devices Chen Xuan
    Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme Application of Rearrangement Techniques in Partial Differential Equations and Related Optimisation Problems Yichen Liu
    Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme Studies on electronic properties of single crystal high nickel cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries based on density functional theory Xi Chen
    • Municipal grant
    Funding Name Project Title Principal investigator
    KSF Non-intrusive objective speech quality assessment by optimization in deep learning Min Wen
    KSF Machine Learning-based Generalized Multiscale Finite Element Method with Application in Reservoir Simulation Jie Chen
    KSF Photothermo-electrically driven soft robotics: mechanical theory, design and control Chen Xuan
    KSF Economic Scenario Generator(ESG) Yi Hong
    KSF High performance preconditioning techniques for the numerical simulation of complex dynamic fluids Qiang Niu
    KSF Flow and Heat Transfer of Nano-fluids in a Porous Medium Xinyao Yang
    KSF Characterization of the Solid State Electrolyte Interphase in the Nickel-Rich Layered Oxides LiNi 1-x-yCoxMnyO2 Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Xi Chen
    • Industry grant
    Funding Name Project Title Principal investigator
    The National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 本星系群紫外反转和银河系球状星团研究课题 Xiaoying Pang

    Research Highlights or Publications

    • Academic invited to write for top numerical analysis journal

    Research facilities

    The School’s research activities are centrally located in our Mathematics Building, and we have a number of excellent facilities at our disposal.

    • Institute of Quantitative Finance
    • Intelligent Computing and FinTech (ICFT) laboratory
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