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    Kirsty Anwen Mattinson | China Studies

    The social construction of community: Power, class and belonging in Suzhou

    Xin Xu | China Studies

    The construction of the carbon market in China: Towards varieties of local environmental governance regime

    Chenfei Qian | China Studies

    Urban Elderly’s Perception and Reception of Technology in Smart Elderly Care Industr

    Zhaosheng Shi | China Studies

    Understanding “17+1”: Sources, implications and theoretical perspectives

    Shuo Han | China Studies

    Ecological Awareness, Gender Politics, and Ethnic Culture in Chi Zijian and Yerkesy Hulmanbiek’s Works

    Shuting Liu | China Studies

    China’s Quest for Soft Power: Evaluating China’s governmental strategies for building discursive power

    Ying Liang | China Studies

    Monster Tales: The Abnormal in Imperial China

    Danxue Zhou | China Studies

    Representing Social Mobility in Chinese Science Fiction

    Yue Zhou | China Studies

    The representation of ecological issues in contemporary Chinese science fiction: from a feminist perspective

    Yi Zeng | China Studies

    Saving Face: Authority and Harmony in Contemporary Chinese Society

    Shiyang Chen | China Studies

    From Residents to New Citizens: Aspirations, Identities and Decision-making in Two Chinese Municipalities

    Yulong Guo | China Studies

    The Political Economy of the Environment in Resource-exhausted Cities: The Cases of Pindingshan, Puyang and Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China

    Xiaoling Jin | English Culture and Communication

    An interpersonal semantic analysis on spoken English discourse of Chinese academics from mainland China and Hong Kong SAR at EMI universities in China

    Austin Cody Pack | English Culture and Communication

    Investigating dynamics of demotivation and remotivation among Chinese learners of EAP at a global EMI university

    Li Ji | English Culture and Communication

    Improve English Speaking Competence of Chinese Learners Through Teaching Methods and Course Materials

    Qianyun Zhang | English Culture and Communication

    Learners’ Critical Thinking Development in English Academic Writing: A Longitudinal Study among Four Sino-Foreign Universities in China

    Liuqi Wang | English Culture and Communication

    Translating multi-word chunks in Chinese political discourses: A cognitive-processing Approach

    Wen Jia | English Culture and Communication

    The Effects of Digital Game-Based Language Learning on EFL Learners and Its Influential Factors Path Analysis Under the View of AI+5G

    Jaclisse Lorene Mayoma | English Culture and Communication

    Investigating the role of computer mediated communication in ‘home’ language maintenance and ‘host’ language learning: the case of African students in Shanghai China

    Roslyn Joy Irving | English Culture and Communication

    Re-reading Radcliffe in relation to textual materials from the 18th Century; with reference to her seminal work The Romance of the Forest

    Aihui Wu | English Culture and Communication

    Emotional labor of Chinese EFL teachers: A mixed-methods investigation

    Yuanxin Yang | English Culture and Communication

    Branding Chinese government: a study on the localisation of government portals and the strategy of national image construction

    Andre Ng | Media and Communication

    Fake News, Counter-Narratives, and Cancer ‘Disinformation’ Online: Process Profiles and Prevention in a ‘Post Truth’ Digital Era

    Xiaolong Zhang | Media and Communication

    The Leading Japanese Cosmetic Companies in China Market:The Cross-Culture Network Advertising Strategy Perspective: The Case of Shiseido, SK-II and SEKKISE

    Yao Cheng | Media and Communication

    Cultural imagination of the Other: How Chinese women are represented in American cinema

    Jialu Chu | Media and Communication

    The interaction between ‘Korean wave’ and Chinese Confucian culture and its influence on cross-cultural communication in China

    Silence Masiya | International Relations

    Zimbabwe`s Conflict Watersheds: Challenges for Peacebuilding.

    Ayodele Stephen Owolabi | International Relations

    Embedding Security into International Trade in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Towards a Structural Change in Africa’s Political Economy.

    Fuqin Pan | International Relations

    Learn to Read in Suzhou: Social and Cultural Implications of Public and Private Reading Clubs for Children

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