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    The School of Cultural Technology focuses on industry-oriented research in line with the efforts of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Currently, the School’s research priorities include:

    1. Entertainment Technology
    Technology for the entertainment industry, which includes the areas of audio, visual, and control applications for both professional and consumer entertainment. Audio encompasses sound, music and acoustics. Visual encompasses imaging, video, lighting and projection. Control encompasses media networking, show control systems, sensors and actuators, etc. Applications can be broken down further in technology, materials, venue, logistics and supply chain for the entertainment industry.
    2. Media Computing
    Computing for media-based applications, and especially generative art. Media computing encompasses computer vision, audio and speech, media compression, and AI for media application.
    3. Immersive Applications
    Immersive applications form a research pillar. Immersion takes an interdisciplinary approach, whereby XR (Extended Reality) and new media take centre stage.
    4. Creative and Cultural Industry
    Focus on analysing the current landscape of cultural and creative industries. Development of partnerships with industrial entities and co-development of project-based and module-based teaching and learning systems. Speculation of future creative and cultural industries based on investigation intertwined with Taicang’s ongoing research, experimentation and various practice methodologies.

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