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International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) offers a unique blend of Western and Chinese academic practices. Our 150 international staff are an impressive mix of top researchers and experienced business professionals.

We are home to more than 4,500 students and offer 20+ undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across all major business disciplines, including our International MBA and PhD. Our graduates are ready to assume their positions in society as leaders with a strong sense of social and ethical responsibility.

For our corporate partners, we offer customised workshops, seminars, and multi-month cross-disciplinary programmes for all managerial levels as well as online and offline open enrolment programmes.

IBSS consists of a number of different academic departments:

Department of Accounting

Department of Economics

Department of Finance

Department of Intelligent Operations and Marketing

Department of Strategic Management and Organisation

International Advisory Board

The board includes a range of organisations covering different industry sectors, manufacturing and service, national and international companies, and not for profit and private companies.

Find out more about our International Advisory Board
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