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    Biopharmaceutical Analysis Centre

    The Academy plans to spearhead the establishment of an internationally accredited and authoritative platform, undertaking the dual responsibility of serving the Academy internally and serving the external industry clients for pharmaceutical analysis, testing, and fundamental research.

    This Biopharmaceutical Analysis Centre will additionally create a rigorous quality control system to develop urgently needed talents in research and development, production quality control and analysis, and training in quality analysis. The Academy will also benefit from the Centre’s cutting-edge laboratory facilities to conduct internationally leading research and explorations.

    As one of the crucial activities in building the ecosystem, the Centre will also provide important services for innovative pharmaceutical companies in their research and development and subsequent registration of new products, including:

    • issuing quality reports in accordance with key corporate and regulatory standards
    • connecting the pharmaceutical industry chain, from research and development to production, by leveraging advantages afforded by the platform
    • achieving mutual-recognition of medicine analysis results by Chinese and international bodies.

    Experimental Animal Research Centre

    As the number of innovative Suzhou-based pharmaceutical research and development companies increases, and industry transfer drives increased demand for R&D, there will be similar increases in demand for organisations providing high-quality animal-experimentation services.

    The Academy plans to join efforts with top organisations and experts in China to build a large Experimental Animal Research Centre based in Suzhou and serving all of SIP and the surrounding area. The Centre will provide a high-standard foundation for the fundamental research needed for clinical trials, early discovery of medicine, evaluation of medicine efficacy, drug metabolism and drug safety.

    In coordination with the Academy, the Experimental Animal Research Centre will significantly enhance the efficiency of the transfer of new medicine research outcomes.

    Pharmaceutical Informatics and Data Science Institute

    The Pharmaceutical Informatics and Data Science Institute will focus on providing services for the first batch of potential landmark biopharmaceutical companies and research-innovation firms announced by the Suzhou municipal government. These key services include:

    • enhancement of company efficiency in researching and developing new products
    • Integrating information with statistics resources with the aim of reducing development cycles’ lengths
    • improving the quality of medicine registration and facilitate the approval process;
    • advisement regarding international medicine certification and corporate influence

    To accomplish this task, the Institute will rely on XJTLU’s advantages in its core programmes of artificial intelligence, big data and business analytics, and, to share resources, partner with the full industry chain including pharmaceutical research and development, production, and sales. It will also build an information and data ecosystem that can produce, create value using, and output data by congregating, analysing and managing existing data collected from real-time monitoring from literature, experiments, clinical treatment and medicine.

    XJTLU-UoL Pharmacology Research Centre

    The Academy plans to partner with the University of Liverpool to establish the XJTLU-UoL Pharmacology Research Centre, conducting broad-spectrum collaborations in talent development and pharmacology research.

    The Centre will focus on postgraduate education, establishing joint training programmes to develop pharmacology talents with masters and doctorate degrees.

    Focusing on fundamental pharmacological research, this Centre will concentrate its first-phase research on cancer treatment, tolerance of chemotherapy drugs, clinical application of biological markers, proteomics, metabonomics, pharmacology of infection, and create pharmacology joint workshops to promote practical exchange and cooperation and maximise the value of research outcomes.

    XJTLU Offshore Innovation Centre for Emerging Technologies (UK)

    XJTLU plans to partner with the University of Liverpool to establish the XJTLU Offshore Innovation Centre for Emerging Technologies (UK), an innovation base for emerging technologies that encourages concerted efforts at home and abroad and the sharing of resources within and outside this Centre. The Centre will take full advantage of the University of Liverpool’s advanced and complete resources in biopharmaceutical innovation and prioritise the strengthening of their offerings in the biopharmaceutical field.

    With innovation and research and development as its top priority in biopharmaceutical cooperation and, in coordination with the unparalleled international networks of XJTLU, the Centre will deepen cross-disciplinary cooperation in gathering resources, focus on improving the innovation ecosystem, and strengthen links in the international innovation value chain. This development will be driven by the demands of local industrial development, technology introduction, government-policy directed overseas deployment points for new technology and industry investment funds, and international technology outcomes transferred by universities through the introduction of innovative technology programmes to cooperating institutes.

    This Centre will make full use of the intellectual and biopharmaceutical resources, as well as the unique innovation and entrepreneurship environment of the University of Liverpool and the UK as a whole. Harnessing these assets will enable the Centre to support businesses in China in their innovation activities, research and development, and overseas development plans. Additionally, the Centre will introduce advanced technologies in the UK and support their industrialisation and commercialisation while building a high-level transnational platform that combines innovation, entrepreneurship, incubation and investment.

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