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After a month and a half of intense and methodical planning, collecting, and voting, the Mascot Design Competition organised by the School of Intelligent Finance and Business at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) came to a successful conclusion on 19 June, with the joint efforts of all students and staff members.

Although the competition was held for only 20 days, seven submissions were received from students, and over 1,000 tweets were read, showing students' strong interest and emotional recognition of the IFB mascot. Finally, after two rounds of voting by the public and the internal judges, the final result was announced: Changing Leopard, designed by Y1 student Jie He, will officially become the mascot model of the School of Intelligent Finance and Business.

First Place:

Designed by Jie He

Second Place:

Designed by Kaitong Yang

Third Place:

Designed by Gehui Jin


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