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XJTLU will continue to be a success both within China and internationally and as graduates and alumni of XJTLU, we should all feel great pride in these achievements.
Yuan Cao
Alumna, MSc Biological Sciences, China

Alumni Nest

Whether you are in China or abroad, the XJTLU Alumni Association welcomes all XJTLU alumni to join our global network. Participate in alumni reunions, contribute to online discussions, and get involved in group activities.

Join our community

Stay connected after graduation

Share your story

Share your story about your experience of studying at XJTLU and employment after graduation with our global network of XJTLU friends and visitors. Contact us on alumni@xjtlu.edu.cn.

Global alumni

You may wish to wish to join the University of Liverpool’s Global Alumni Council which represents the University of Liverpool’s global body of graduates.

Alumni networks

Alumni networks operate on six continents around the world and are coordinated by alumni volunteers, who develop local contacts and organise events that you can also get involved with. You may even decide to volunteer yourself.

When you graduate from XJTLU you become an ambassador for the University, contributing to our growing reputation worldwide. Don't forget to stay in touch!
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