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  • In order to come to China and study at XJTLU, you are required to apply for a student visa. The student visa is called an X type visa, which translates as 学生Xue Sheng (student) in Chinese. You need to make the application in our own country or where you are living before entering China. Your first step will be to check the location and guidelines specific to your nationality on http://www.visaforchina.org.

    There are two types of X visa which relate to the duration of your study programme – one for long term study (more than 6 months) and one for short term study. For long-term students, you enter China using the X1 visa and then need to go through an immigration process to obtain a Residence Permit (RP).

    The differences between the two types of X visa are as follows:

    Type Programme duration Entries to China Do I need a Residence Permit? Cost
    X1 Over 180 days Single Yes. Within 30 days of arriving in China. Residence permit is a multiple entry visa
    • Application fee (depends on country).
    • Health check package after arrival in China (410RMB, including breakfast)
    • Residence Permit 400RMB to cover a stay of up to 364 days
    X2 Fewer than 180 days Single No
    • Only the application fee in your home country

    You need the following documents for an X visa application:

    1. Original Admission Notice (Sent to you by XJTLU)
    2. JW202 Form (Sent to you by XJTLU)
    3. X Visa Application Form downloaded from http://www.visaforchina.org or the visa application section on the website of the Chinese embassy in your own country
    4. Any extra requirements listed on http://www.visaforchina.org or the visa application section on the website of the Chinese embassy

    XJTLU posts out original copies of Admission Notice and JW202 Form to students. Students should make sure to apply as early as possible, in order to leave sufficient time for visa applications and pre-departure arrangements.

    You need to keep the Admission Notice and JW202 Form safe after you have applied for the visa and bring them to China with you. You need them for your enrolment and immigration processes. If, for any reason, the Chinese Embassy/Consulate do not return them to you, please ask them to do this.

    Note: Students who apply near to the July 15th 2020 deadline should pay their deposit ASAP if they wish to accept their XJTLU place. This is because of the risk of a visa delay and subsequent delayed arrival.

    Applicants under 18 years old

    For applicants under 18 years old, please read the Guardianship Policy carefully and complete the Guardianship Transfer Form and the Guardianship Transfer Declaration. Should you have any queries regarding guardianship transferal, please don’t hesitate to contact us on international@xjtlu.edu.cn.

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