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  • 澳门尼威斯人网站8311考点托福和GRE考试疫情防控期间进校要求(更新到2022.12.15)



    1. 考生须携带考前24小时内核酸检测阴性报告入校。(纸质版、电子版均可)

    2. 考生考试日当天体温检测<37.3℃,且无咳嗽、咽痛、乏力、发热等异常症状。


    1. 在考试日前7天内有高风险旅居史的考生;

    2. 处于集中隔离医学观察期、居家隔离医学观察期、居家健康监测期、日常健康监测期;

    3. 考试日当天出现发烧、持续咳嗽、呼吸困难或有流感症状;

    4. 体温≥37.3℃的考生须接受二次测温后,且二次测温≥37.3℃。




    六、考试过程中,如有考生体温高于或等于 37.3 度,或有连续咳嗽等症状,将终止考试,并按“应急预案”处置。

    七、请考生注意确认信上注明的截止入场时间,以免过时错过考试。规定如有变化将及时更新并另行通知,如有疑问,请致电考点:0512-89165300/88161220 或发送邮件至TCO@xjtlu.edu.cn (工作时间周一至周五,上午9:00 – 12:00; 下午 13:00 – 17:00)




    2022 年 12月 15日





    Notice on TOEFL & GRE Test Epidemic Prevention and Control Arrangement at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (updated on 15th December 2022)

    In accordance with the national and Suzhou epidemic prevention and control policies, all candidates taking the test at XJTLU should be aware of and abide by the following rules in order to prevent and control the epidemic for TOEFL & GRE:

    1. Candidates must meet all of the following conditions to be admitted to the University for the Test:

    (1) Candidates should bring a negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours before the test. (Both paper and electronic versions are acceptable)

    (2) The temperature of the candidate on the test day is lower than 37.3℃, and no abnormal symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fatigue, fever, etc.

    2. Candidates under any of the following circumstances are not allowed to enter the test site to take the examination:

    (1) Candidates with a history of high-risk travel in the 7 days before the test;

    (2) In the centralized quarantine medical observation period, home quarantine medical observation period, home health monitoring period, daily health monitoring period;

    (3) Fever, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or symptoms of influenza on the test day;

    (4) Candidates with body temperature are at or higher than 37.3℃ shall take the second temperature measurement, and the second temperature measurement are at or higher than 37.3℃.

    3. Admission control: Candidates must present the Confirmation Letter (paper version) and the original valid certificate that is consistent with the registration; negative nucleic acid test reports.

    4. All candidates must sign a Candidate Health Declaration Form (please see the attachment for details). Wear a mask during the test (except for face recognition and recording and taking photos); please keep a distance of more than one meter when waiting in line or taking a rest. Please leave the school as soon as possible after the examination and do not stay on campus.

    5. Parents or relatives are not allowed to enter the school. Do not gather at the school gate or wait for a long time. (Test site: Central Building of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. All candidates can enter the school from entrance of Ren’ai Road or Wenjing Road, Wenjing Road Entrance is preferred.)

    6. During the test, if the temperature of the candidate is higher than or equal to 37.3 degrees, or the candidate has continuous cough or other symptoms, the test will be terminated and the test will be handled according to the “emergency plan”.

    7. Please pay attention to the deadline specified on the Confirmation Letter in case you miss the test.

    If there is any change in the above rules, please contact the test center at 0512-89165300/88161220 or send email to TCO@xjtlu.edu.cn (weekdays from Monday to Friday: 9:00-12:00AM; 13:00-17:00 PM)


    Attachment: Candidate Health Declaration Form


    Test Centre of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

    15th December 2022




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