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XJTLU is dedicated to equality and diversity of our workforce to support world-renowned reputation for research and teaching. We want to attract the best talent available from all over the world and we look forward to receiving your application to join our community

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What XJTLU offers you is not only a job:

Joining XJTLU, you will not only be provided with a competitive compensation and benefits, but also live in a truly international community, enjoying meaningful exchanges with our world-renowned professors and young brilliant students. You will become a global citizen with an international mindset and competitive edge; and will be fully immersed in an atmosphere of innovation, committed to the continuous exploration and reshaping of our modern education landscape.

Cultural diversity

We have staff members from over 50 countries, who are of different ages, academic and cultural backgrounds, which encourages diversity of ideas and cultural exchange.

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The benefits of joining XJTLU:

We cherish our staff and see them as an invaluable asset to our university. We are motivated to attract, recruit, motivate and retain top-quality academics and professionals with exceptional skills and academic backgrounds, because they are an indispensable part of our university’s growth and development.

Job vacancies

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